Means of production

Laser cutting

Two machining centres table of laser cutting of 5000 W and 6000W
Field of action: 3000 x 1500

* ALU 0.8 to 15 mm

Automatic nozzle changer
Device for machining of tubes

Laser cutting with water cooling


We have a press brake 3 meters long, with a capacity of 170 tons with 5 axis digital and  press, 130 tons 6-axis robot with a robot Motoman 7 axis can handling parts up to 50 kg payload . This one is used for high volume and repetitive production to guarantee quality and maximum productivity.

Pipe Processing

Laser cutting of pipe with an additional axis for processing round, rectangular or square pipes.
Diameter of the circle enclosing usable from 20 to 370mm
Length finished part 3 m
Maximum weight 200 Kg
Maximum thickness:

  • 12 mm steel
  • 6 mm stainless steel
  • 4 mm Aluminium
pipe laser cutting

Combined Laser punching

TC600L 2200 W thickness of 0.6 to 8mm steel, stainless steel 6mm, 4mm aluminum.
We realize fully automated small and medium series.

We perform punching, deformation, milling ... And laser cutting complex contours before or after deformation.


We weld on all metals steel, stainless steel alu. We have two posts KEMPI, a MIG - MAg pro 3200 and a MLS ACDC
as well as a welding UP6/XRC/RM2-250SE2 YASKAWA robot.


We propose to our customers finishing operations such as drilling, tapping, countersinking, riveting and installing insert.


We are equipped with different software from design to manufacturing.

  • TRUMPF FAO for  LASER cutting, punching, bendind and pipe working.
  • DEMLOG for nesting, production management and traceability of all our operations.
  • SOLIDWORKS for the design and unfolding.
  • ROMER et POWERINSPECT  for 3D dimensional control.

We collect 2D and 3D files for achieving your sheet metal parts.

checking Tridimensional

We have the means of traditional control but also an arm Romer Sigma 2022 allowing us to check the parts in three dimensions.

control arm Romer

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